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The Nextdoor Application

The NEXTDOOR application is defined as a social media outlet.  A method for homeowners to stay connected with neighbors and neighborhoods in the local Williamsburg VA community.  Local topics of interest and discussion may include:  safety, lost and found, missing pets, yard sales, and perhaps even a joke or two.  Nextdoor can be a great resource to announce and/or learn about upcoming events of value to the typical area user. Homeowner participation is entirely voluntary... 
The NEXTDOOR application is not affiliated with, or monitored by, the LHS BoD, Homeowners should Not consider 'opinions' found on Nextdoor to be Official Communication with/from the Longhill Station HOA Board.
Please use the "Contact Us" tab from the Menu - on Left (Top for mobile) or contact the property manager for official information and/or neighborhood specific concerns.
The Nextdoor application is available via the web, and in mobile format from the Apple Store and Google Play.
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