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Grounds Committee

Board Sanctioned

April 18, 2013


Longhill Station Neighborhood Grounds Committee Responsibilities


1. Pre-schedule Committee Meetings. Notify Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board of Directors (BOD) and Grounds Committee Members of scheduled meetings two weeks in advance.

2. Record decisions made (in the form of meeting minutes) and provide copies of the minutes to each Committee Member and the HOA BOD.

3. Develop projects to maintain and improve the appearance of the community.

4. Organize projects that can be performed by volunteers.

5. Make recommendations to the HOA BOD for projects that need to be funded.

6. Annually review landscaping and pond management contract proposals and make selection recommendations to the HOA BOD.

7. Review awarded contracts and notify HOA Management Company and HOA BOD if contractors are operating in default of the contract terms.

8. Prior to the BOD’s Budget Preparation Meeting, develop and provide a proposed Landscaping Operating Budget for the next operating year to the HOA BOD.

9. Execute HOA BOD approved budget for landscaping and pond management.

10. Annually review Grounds Committee responsibilities and make recommendations for change to the HOA BOD.

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