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Pool Committee

Board Sanctioned

Updated: March 30, 2023


Longhill Station Neighborhood Pool Committee Responsibilities

1. Review pool rules annually and make recommendations to the HOA BOD for changes.

2. Schedule and coordinate pool house clean-up maintenance days. Associated receipts will be provided to the BOD for reimbursement. Anticipated expenses may not exceed the approved annual budgeted amount.

3. Distribute pool passes on designated Pool Pass Distribution Days and solicit homeowners to join HOA committees.

4. Distribute guest passes in coordination with the HOA Management Company.

5. Collect and forward suggestions and concerns regarding the pool from homeowners to the HOA BOD.

6. Coordinate and execute HOA BOD-approved social events held at the pool.

7. Review pool committee responsibilities and report pool equipment deficiencies and recommended changes to the HOA BOD.

8. Notify HOA Management Company and HOA BOD if contractors/lifeguards are operating in default of the contract terms.


NOTE: Homeowners are required to follow the established pool rules. The lifeguard is responsible for enforcing the established pool rules. If someone using the pool is breaking the rules, HOA BOD, Pool Committee Members, and Homeowners should bring the matter to the lifeguard’s attention. The lifeguard should take appropriate action. If the lifeguard does not take appropriate action, see paragraph 8 above; and report the issue to HOA Management Company.

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